is a weekly gathering of internationals and Americans





Global Cafe is a weekly gathering of internationals and Americans
which investigates the teachings of the Bible in an atmosphere
 of friendship and cross-cultural understanding. 


There are three different classes to choose from.

Do you really know God?

This series of lessons will expand your understanding of who God is. We will examine how knowing God intimately and trusting in His character will help and enable us to encounter life's basic problems and dilemmas.


As we grow in understanding and confidence in His character and Person, we will gain confidence for Christian living.

The following topics will be covered this semester:

1.    God, the answer to all basic questions.

2.    Theism:  Man’s concept of God and gods.

3.    The existence of God.  Can He be known?

4.    The nature of God.  An introduction to the infinite.

5.    The essence and attributes of God.  Without which, God is not God.

6.    The character, names, and tri-unity of God.

7.    The decree of God.  Does anything take God by surprise?

8.    Problems with the decree.  Man – responsible; God – sovereign.

9.    The God of creation.  Where did I come from?

10.  Preservation and providence.  Can God be trusted?

English Conversation with the Bible

Would you like to improve your English Conversation skills and learn more about the Bible?  In this class you will practice English conversation and learn about the life and teachings of Jesus through reading and discussing passages from the book of Luke. Luke wrote his book to provide an historical and detailed record of Jesus Christ. Each week, native English-speaking volunteers will lead small discussion groups so that each person will have the opportunity to develop English skills and ask questions about the Bible's teachings.



Basic Beliefs of the Christian Faith
This class will help you understand what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and provide an opportunity to give you a better understanding of what Christians believe and why. Some topics we will be discussing are:
1.  Who is Jesus Christ?
2.  What is the resurrection of Jesus?
3.  Why did Jesus come to the earth?
4.  What does it mean to have a personal relationship
       with Jesus?



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